Mother of Ramer murder victim speaks

RAMER, AL (WSFA) - So much like the window in the back of the pick-up, the lives of two families have been shattered. Shirley Teague says her daughter essentially watched her brother Mark die.

"My daughter says he took 3 deep breaths and that was it," said Teague.

It happened at the end of Sugarcane Drive in Ramer.  42-year old Mark Teague and Kenneth Ray Johnson were shot dead, and Montgomery County deputies are looking for 27-year old Derrick Marcel Jones of Ramer. 28-year old Courtney Nobles was captured earlier today. Investigators still don't quite know what the argument was about.

"An argument led to a physical fight and that led Mr. Jones getting his friend to get a gun and killed them both," said Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall.

Shirley Teague, however, tells WSFA 12 News the argument was over loud music coming from a neighbor's house. Johnson and Jones got into it and it was Mark Teague, according to his mother, who tried to break up the fight, a fight that escalated to a double-murder. Mark Teague was shot once, according to Ms. Teague while Johnson was reportedly shot 5 times.

What makes this even more difficult for Shirley Teague is the fact her son Mark was visiting her from Las Vegas. Mark was planning to go back home on Sunday.

"He came to visit me and lost his life," said Ms. Teague.

While both families grieve Sheriff Marshall continues his search for Jones. WSFA 12 News found the home where Jones used to live in Ramer but the lady of the house who identified herself as Jones' cousin said she didn't know where Derrick Jones was. Still, investigators are confident Jones will be found, the sooner the better for a mother is still trying to make sense of it all.

"It hurts, it hurts," said Teague.

This is Ramer's first double-homicide, and both suspects have criminal records. Investigators say records show that Jones shot a man in the back some years ago near Greenville.

Jones and Nobles will face capital murder charges.