Hope springs eternal for economy, local businesses

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- With the stock market still faltering and national debt expanding, economists and lawmakers are trying to get out of a winter slump.

The president's budget is now forecasted to create a $1.8 trillion deficit.  All while attempting to get the economy--and consumer confidence--back on track.

"They're skeptical, and understandably, because they've seen taxpayer dollars frittered away before.  They expect to see their hard earned money spent efficiently," Obama said Friday.

While economic hopes wither, local businesses pray for growth.  With Spring now sprung, places like Southern Homes and Gardens in Montgomery cater their seasonal sales to cash-savvy consumers.

"You'll see signs around the stores that have special offers.  Those offers are only rewarded to rewards members, but anyone can sign up for them," explained Kirk-Allyn McKeen.

Though the Winter months brought slow sales, the downturn in the economy may actually bring benefits as people use more money on bills and less on travel.

"If they're going to stay home, they want to look at a pretty yard--a pretty backyard--and almost create a vacation spot at their house," McKeen said.

With sunny weather to start off the season, small businesses smile at steady sales while the country's debt continues to climb.