Wiregrass Newsroom: Bingo hall construction underway at Country Crossing site

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- For Country Crossing supporters, it has been a long time coming.  It's a new beginning for what has been a bumpy road for the complex as developers broke ground on the controversial bingo hall included in the project's Phase I plan.  The discussion over electronic bingo in Alabama isn't stopping developers who say they feel confident in where they stand, and are moving forward with construction.

"Our focus, again, is not bingo. It's about expanding opportunity," says Country Crossing developer, Ronnie Gilley.

And it isn't stopping perfomers from getting in on the action.

"It's entertainment, it's retail sales, it's a point of destination where people can have a lot of fun. And I bring my career here because I think it's a good idea," says country music artist, Lee Greenwood.

To celebrate the official start of construction on the bingo site, Country Crossing leaders hit it off with a bang.  Multiple country music stars including George Jones, Clint Black, and Aaron Tippin, were in Dothan giving a free concert at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds.  It's something supporters appreciate.

"Free...these days with the economy the way it is, that's unheard of.  That's first of all.  But free, when you're talking about the legend status of George Jones, is even more unheard of," says concert-goer Aaron Stanley.

Thousands packed the fairgrounds for Jones Jam--an event Stanley says speaks a universal language.

"There is some kind of song for everyone in country music. And some kind of artist for everyone in country music. And that's why you see all these diverse people come as one together."

People coming together--in support of Country Crossing--as a much anticipated milestone is reached.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney