ONLY ON WSFA 12 NEWS: Tipster speaks out after double murder arrest

RAMER, Ala. (WSFA) -- It's a search that started immediately after investigators hit the scene of a double murder in Ramer--and witnesses said Derrick Jones, 27, pulled the trigger.

"The main goal is to get him into custody so no one gets hurt," said Sheriff D.T. Marshall at the scene Wednesday night.

A manhunt ensued. Local, state and federal agencies spread out, looking for the man they say is responsible.

Now, that search is over.

But it's not because of any special operation.

Jones is in custody because of a tip phoned in by Sandra Osborne--sister of Mark Teague, who died just feet from her front door.

"Someone told me where his location was, and I immediately called the Sheriff's Department," Osborne explained.

Her brother was visiting from Las Vegas and was with a friend when a fight got out of hand. Osborne says Jones opened fire and left both men dead.

"It's a memory that you're never going to forget. Mark was here visiting, and Mark was a happy person.  It's sad because we're a close-knit family," Osborne said.

They're also part of a close-knit neighborhood--where everyone knows everyone else.

That's what makes these deaths--and Jones' arrest--even more difficult.

"The same people that are around in this small community [were involved in this crime]. That's what makes it so sad," she said.

The murders sent shock and anger throughout the small town, but now, Osborne says, is a time for closure, not revenge.

"In due time, we all will heal.  We'll forgive.  I forgive the shooter. [. . .] I love him, too," she said.

This isn't the first time Jones landed behind bars.

Criminal records show--and deputies confirm--he served time for an assault charge nearly five years ago.

Jones was arrested without incident at his home in Ramer.  He's in the Montgomery County Detention Facility without bond.