Wiregrass Newsroom: Spring break traffic affects in the Circle City

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Highway 231 South--the beeline to the beach. During March and April, this main artery to the coast often gets clogged. But, it's bittersweet. Traffic in the city may increase, but so do the dollars.

"They'll stop and have lunch or dinner, they'll maybe go by Dillard's or something and buy a bathing suit, buy gas. We do get increased sales tax, and that helps out a lot," says Bob Hendrix with the Dothan Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Right now, the Circle City can use all the help it can get.  With sales tax revenues down more than four percent this year compared to last, spring break could be a big break for Dothan.

"It'll probably bump up our retail sales taxes for those few weekends maybe about 5 or 6 percent," says Hendrix.

As traffic and sales tax revenues increase over spring break, so does one other thing--law enforcement. In fact, instead of bringing money in, Alabama state troopers say this month they've spent more than $10,000 dollars in overtime hours.

"It allows us to pull other troopers out of driver's license, ABI, service division, put them on the road and help increase our presence out here," says State Trooper, Kevin Cook.

And it's all in an effort to keep you safe.

"The aggressive driving, the following too close, the aggravated speeding, the impaired driving, that's the stuff we want to cut down on," says Cook.

It's a busy time of year, but one that keeps Dothan thriving.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney