License Plate Man

When you drive through this neighborhood in Evergreen you can tell something's just a little bit different.    There's a street sign leading into the driveway that says Tag Man Dr.    Inside a huge garage we find out why Ed Edeker is called the Tag Man.

"You gotta be kind of an oddball to collect license plates,"  Edeker says.    If that's true he might the be oddest fella around.   He has more than 60,000 of them.   Most of them are boxed up in crates, but his pride and joy covers the wall.    "This wall is organized by state in alpabetical order, then they're organized by years if you look up at the roof and go down the side."

It all started back in 1955 when Ed got his drivers license and his first car.    "Dad made me pay for it (the tag) and few months later it expired, I said anything that expensive I'm gonna stick it up."    He still has that plate, it's one of more than 8,000 on the wall.    He has a plate from every year in Alabama from 1912- present.    Then he went to a plate from every state for every year.   Then he started collecting every county from the same year.    He even has a personalized plate on the toilet that says TYM 2 GO.    "I got that in a trade, not sure if that's what they meant but that's where i put it."

He's in a nationwide license plate club where they trade and bargain plates to complete their collections.   Ed still has a few holes on the wall, but give him time, one plate at a time he's covering wall after wall.