Alabama Law Foundation announces Kids' Chance Scholarship recipients

MONTGOMERY, AL., -- Rising tuition fees and living expenses present a challenge for students whose families live on a limited income, but Kids' Chance Scholarship Fund rises to meet the challenge by helping young people continue their education and reach their goals.

Kids' Chance Scholarships help students whose parent or parents have been permanently disabled or killed on the job to attend college or technical school. Kids' Chance was conceived by the Workers' Compensation Section of the Alabama State Bar in 1992, and is administered by the Alabama Law Foundation. The awards for this school year totaled $39,500 bringing to a total $422,000 that the successful program has awarded to more than 169 students since 1993. Without Kids' Chance, these students might not have been able to afford a higher education. In addition to their education improving their individual lives, Kids' Chance graduates work as teachers, surgical nurses, forest rangers and engineers making their communities safer, healthier and more prosperous places to live.

The Kids' Chance Scholarship recipients are as follows:

Kelly Randall Blackwell, Jasper                     $1500

Justin Boyles, Russellville                               $1000

Keslie Paige Boyles, Russellville                    $1500

Christopher Terry Cupit, Demopolis               $1000

Stephen Cupit, Demopolis                              $2500

Corey DeFoor, Oakman                                  $1000

Hayley Kristine Fondren, Tuscaloosa             $1000

Robert Derek Fondren, Tuscaloosa                $2000

Ashley Michelle Henry, Headland                 $2000

Casey King, Dothan                                       $2500

Kyle Martin, Alexander City                          $1000

Kellie Oliver, Phil Campbell                           $2500

Kellsie Oliver, Phil Campbell                          $2500

Jarred Pate, Cordova                                      $1000

Brittany Patterson, Sweetwater                      $2000

Ashley Pentecost, Trinity                                $2000

Haley Prestridge, Jasper                                  $2000

Brittany Ann Russell, Toney                          $1500

Joshua Squires, Semmes                                 $1000

Haley Steinbuchel, Madison                           $2000

Hailey Taylor, Malcolm                                  $2000

Malaika Louise Washington, York                 $1500

Heather Williams, Pisgah                                $2500