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Procedures for Electronic Vote Counting Systems - Index

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  • 307-X-1.01 Definitions

    307-X-1.01 Definitions

    307-X-1-.01 Definitions. Unless otherwise clearly indicated the following terms shall be given the following interpretations. (1) BALLOT CONFIGURATION: The particular combination and arrangement ofMore >>
  • 307-X-1-.02 to 307-X-1-.03

    307-X-1-.02 and 307-X-1-.03

    307-X-1-.02 Application of Law. Except as provided in these rules, the use ofmarksense ballots in all elections shall be governed by the law governing the use of paper and the use of direct recordingMore >>
  • 307-X-1..04


    307-X-1..04 Testing of Precinct Ballot Counters. (1) The probate judge shall have each precinct ballot counter tested to ascertain that it will accurately count the votes cast for all officials and More >>
  • 307-x-1-.05 to -.09

    307-x-1-.05 to -.09

    307-X-1-.05 Testing of Central ballot Counters. Each central ballot counter shall be tested in the same manner as required for precinct counters except that there shall be a set of test ballots, togetherMore >>
  • 307-X-1-.10


    307-X-1-.10 Appointment and Duties of Poll Officials. (1) The poll officials to be appointed in accordance with Section 17-6-1 shall be at least one inspector and three clerks. The inspector shall beMore >>
  • 307-X-1-.11 to -.16

    307-X-1-.11 to -.16

    307-X-1-.11 Opening the Polls. (1) All poll officials shall report to the voting place at least 30 minutes before the polls open. Where precinct ballot counters are used, each counter must be testedMore >>
  • 307-X-1-.18 to -.20

    307-X-1-.18 to -.20

    307-X-1-.18 Certificate of Results. (1) Where precinct counters are used. After closing the polls and sealing the required records, the poll officials shall follow the manufacturer's instructions More >>
  • 307-X-1-.17


    307-X-1-.17 Counting of Votes. (1) An elector's ballot shall be counted for each office to be filed except for each office where it is impossible to determine the elector's choice for that office. TheMore >>
  • 307-x-1-.21 to -.23

    307-x-1-.21 to -.23

    307-X-1-.21 Recount (1) Any person may petition a county canvassing authority for a recount of any or all precinct returns for offices in the election that the person was a qualified elector. The timeMore >>

Electronic Voting Committee
Chapter 307-X-l 




307-X-1-.01 Definitions

307-X-1-.02 Application of Law.

307-X-1-.03 Application to Municipal Elections.

307.X-1-.04 Testing of Precinct Ballot Counters.

307-X-1-.05 Testing of Central Ballot Counters.

307.X-1-.06 Ballots.

307-X-l-.07 Custody and Transportation of Equipment

307-X-1-.08 Voters Per Precinct.

307-X-1-.09 Provision of Voting Stations.

307.X-1-.10 Appointment and Duties of Poll Officials.

307-X-1-.11 Opening the Polls.

307-X-1-.12 Ballot Accounting Certificates.

307-X-1-.13 Number if Voters in Polling Place.

307-X-1-.14 Spoiled Ballots.

307-X-1-.15 Challenged Ballots.

307-X-1-.16 Write-In Votes.

307.X-1-.17 Counting of Votes.

307-X-1-.18 Certificate of Results.

307-X-l -.19 Disposition of Forms.

307.X-1-.20 Retest

307-X-1-.21 Recount.

307.X-1-.22 Absentee Voting.

307-X-1-.23 Direct Recording Electronic Voting Devices

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