307-X-1-.10 Appointment and Duties of Poll Officials.

(1) The poll officials to be appointed in accordance with Section 17-6-1 shall be at least one inspector and three clerks. The inspector shall be in charge of the precinct, shall serve as official challenger in accordance with Section 17-12-2, and shall serve as precinct returning officer in accordance with Section 17-6-1.

(2) The registration list clerk shall check the name of voters against the list of registered voters and mark off the names of those who vote in order to prevent double voting. If any persons whose name does not appear on the list of registered voters are permitted to vote only by means of a certificate as provided in Sections 17-4-127 and 17- 16-23, or by means of a challenged ballot as provided in Chapter 17-12 and Sections 17" 16-23 and 17-16-24, the registration list clerk shall legibly print their names an addresses on the list of registered voters, mark through the names that these persons have voted, and record by the names the means by which they voted, i.e. certificate (with source and date) or challenged ballots.

(3) The poll list clerk shall ensure that each voter signs the poll list as provided in Sections 17-7-15 and 17-16-14. The second poll list provided for by Sections 17-8-34 and 17-9-23 is not mandatory. However, if the voter's signature is illegible, a clerk shall print the voter's name on the same or a duplicate list so that the signature can be identified. The poll list clerk shall give a marksense ballot to the voter, being sure that the stub remains attached to the ballot pad. The ballots shall be given out in sequence beginning with the lowest numbered ballot.

(4) Upon the request of a voter, the ballot clerk shall assist the voter as necessary to deposit the ballot in the precinct ballot counter or, where central counters are used, in the ballot box, taking care to preserve the secrecy of the ballot box.

(5) A county may employ additional poll officials, as necessary to serve at any precincts and at a central ballot counter or memory pack tabulator where these are used. These additional poll officials shall be appointed in the same manner and serve under the same conditions as the poll officials named in this section.

Author: Charles E. Grainger, Jr.
Statutory Authority: §17-24-7(b). Code of Alabama (1975).
History: Adopted February 10,1998; amended February 7,2002.