Sparta Academy Teacher a Class Act

You must really love your job when you've done it for 37 years.    And believe me Ms. Cecelia Sellers loves teaching.   She's been at Sparta Academy for the last 11 years and she's this week's Class Act.     "I just have a smile on my face every day,  this group is such a joy," Sellers said.    "These kids are so interested in learning, they just want to learn."

Her philosophy, never give up.    "If they have a problem we'll go over it, if they don't get it we'll go over it again, and if they still don't get it, we'll go over it again."    She admits she's tough but she says her past students always tell her, thanks for making us work hard, because it made 7th and 8th grade much easier.

Congratulations Ms. Cecelia Sellers from Sparta Academy in Evergreen, you're this week's Class Act.