State Lawmaker proposes plans to help PACT

A state lawmakers says he has a plan to help fix PACT.  Representative Craig Ford held a news conference Tuesday to announce his proposals to provide funding to ease the PACT financial crisis.

Plan A is taking $5 million from the Capital Improvement Trust Fund and $25 million from the abandoned property funds.  Over the next five years that would deposit $150 million into PACT.

Plan B is a constitutional amendment voters would have to approve.  The funds would come from the Oil and Gas Trust Fund.  $150 million the first year and an additional $25 million each year after that to deposit a total of $150 million into PACT.

"So basically what we're doing is bailing them out at a 50% level for five years.  Hopefullly at that time the market will turn around.  It would give them 50% of the revenue needed for the next five years," explains Representative Ford. He introduced both plans to the house Tuesday.