Plantersville Teacher is a Class Act

"These are like my children for eight hours a day; and I treat them like they are my own," says Kim Atchison, a third grade teacher at J. E. Terry Elementary. In her self-contained classroom she teaches her students all of their academic subjects and some other lessons as well, like responsibility.

Third grader Skylar Brown says, "she (Atchison) says that we should always do what we are told. And that it's our responsibility if we break things or make a mess."

Atchison's principal, Melanie Wright has nothing but praise for her. "She's just an excellent teacher. She has everything ready to go when the children walk in in the morning. And she just expounds, she has many activities centers in her room and she just expounds on the lessons daily," says Wright.

One of her activity centers allows students to become better writers, by allowing them to critique each other. She's already been honored by her peers and the local paper. "I think my philosophy of teaching would be just to go out and give it your best. Seeing a child that comes from not knowing how to do something and then learning how to do it, it shoots a spark into you. It really does," says Atchison.

Atchison is a member of Terry Elementary's crisis management team, technology committee and accreditation team.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell