Elmore Co. man's death saves other lives

Chris Moreland was an organ donor
Chris Moreland was an organ donor

RED HILL, AL (WSFA) - In the family home in rural Elmore County, Julie Cox remembers. "His brain began to swell," she said of her son.

Cox remembers the decision to take her son off life-support, not an easy one to make but indeed the right choice, according to the family. "Because we can't have him back, other people are going to live," she said.

That's where Chris Moreland's incredible gift comes in. He was just 22, a free-spirit who loved the open road with his motorcycle. It was a love he inherited from his dad, a young man who didn't take himself seriously.

Tragically, Moreland collided with a car while riding his motorcycle in Tallassee on March 11. "It threw him 50 feet," said his mother of the accident.

Declared clinically brain dead on Monday, Moreland slipped away Tuesday afternoon. Now, four people are living out their own miracle because Moreland was an organ donor. His heart and liver went to two people in Birmingham, a kidney went to North Dakota, another kidney helped ease the suffering of a lady in Texas. For Cox it's one reason why her son's death is a little easier to accept, a peace knowing he would want this.

"Accidents happen. I had to accept the CAT scans," she said. "He would never, never want to be disabled. He knew he couldn't take it with him.".

Right now more than 100,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant across the country. Closer to home in Alabama, around 3,100 are on the waiting list. That list grew a little shorter with Cox's decision to donate should anything happen to him. "We donated bones and tissues," said his mother.

On Thursday Julie Cox will bury her only son, but she will do so knowing he gave the gift of life to four strangers. "We couldn't be selfish." she admitted.

If you're interested in becoming an organ donor, contact at the Alabama Organ Center at www.alabamaorgancenter.org