Editorial: Giving Notice

We tell our children to do their homework to be prepared for class the next day.

We don't expect them to read the entire textbook right away, but lesson by lesson.

Same for adults - we all attend meetings with at least a day's notice of the agenda.

Makes sense for our state senators act like adults and do the same.

The House gives its members and others at least a day ahead of time notice of bills up for debate the next meeting day.

The Senate puts out their calendar the very day they ask their members to vote on a bill - no advance notice.

Sure, about a thousand or so potential bills are on line for senators to read.  But give them at least a day's notice on which ones will be discussed and voted on the next day.

House members seem to get more accomplished by having time to do some homework before deciding on bills that affect all of us.

Senate leaders - serve your colleagues better - and us - the ones who pay your salaries -  better.

Be more open and give more than a day of notice!