A new way of ordering food for the family

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - At Grace Worship Center in Montgomery, they offer so much more than spiritual nourishment.

"This is it. This is the menu," said Sally Fjordbak. It's the menu to a whole new way of ordering food for the family. Fjordbak is what you might call the on-site hostess for Angel Food Ministries.

"It's the best kept secret in Montgomery," she said, a secret started by a pastor in 1994 in Monroe, Georgia. Its goal? Feed the hungry.

"He fed them on his back porch," Fjordbak said. From the back porch it evolved to the kitchens of 500,000 families in 39 states.

Here's how it works: Anyone can order food through Angel Food Ministries regardless of income, no membership fees required, no applications to fill out and, "The price never changes,' she explained.

The price on what the ministries considers its three primary packages: At $30 the regular box feeds a family of four for one week and it comes with items like steaks, chicken, pizza, and beef patties. Perhaps the best part about it? That $30 is $30...no taxes.

"The most expensive item is $35.00 and that's the seafood," said Fjordbak. With the economy the way it is, Fjordbak says more and more people are coming in. "We are doubling every month."

Every month the menu changes, but again, the price does not. You may wonder about the quality of the food. Angel Food Ministries says the food comes from what they consider 'high quality vendors.' "It's cheaper but all top grade food," she said.

From the pulpit to the kitchen, it's food for the soul and tummy. If you're interest in learning more about the program, call Sally Fjordbak at 334-546-4322.