Evergreen mayoral race still undecided 5 months later

Reporter: Melissa McKinney

EVERGREEN, AL (WSFA) -- It was a packed courthouse Thursday all for a decision that didn't come.  After months of deliberations, Evergreen residents say they're ready to know once and for all who their mayor will be.

"We need someone [who] the citizens of Evergreen can...be proud of," says Evergreen resident, Karen Lisa Armstrong. But it's been a long road.

Incumbent Mayor Larry Fluker won re-election only after a re-count.  It's that recount challenger Pete Wolff claims was scarred with malconduct, fraud, or corruption. Attorneys questioned members of the Conecuh County Board of Registrars and a representative from the Attorney General's office to determine who was on the list of registered voters ten days before the election, the cut-off day for being eligible to vote. It's all in an effort to see if some were registered illegally.

"On the list that I had that was certified by the Secretary of State's office, there were hundreds of people, we're not talking about two or three, hundreds that don't appear to be on the list that by law, that the legislature has enacted, is the official list of registered voters," says James Anderson, Wolff's attorney.

But Mayor Fluker says his supporters had nothing to do with illegal voting activity. "Not people that voted for me," says Fluker.  When asked how he knew that to be true he responded saying the allegations are wrong. "If you're gonna be a candidate you gotta watch the process.  I think that anybody who would suggest that there were people registered on the day of the election to vote and register is completely false and inaccurate."

It's an issue that's having negative effects on the city, and many say it's tearing the people of the town apart. "You can see when you walk in the courtroom that there is division there. And that's mostly the same in the city. There is a racial barrier," says Fluker supporter, Reverend Isaac Bradley.

"Because it's [been dragged] out so long it just hasn't been good at all," says Wolff supporter, Wilbur Baggett.

And it's not over yet. The judge s decided to meet with attorneys from both sides on April 17th for a status update. No further court hearings have been scheduled.