Residents cautiously watch river levels

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- Another serious round of rain pelted Central Alabama, stranding cars and leaving ponds where backyards

used to be


"This morning, you couldn't come out the door. You couldn't even stand out here. [. . .] Water everywhere! All over this area," explained Queenie Vincent of Montgomery County.

Nearby rivers are partly to blame as they quickly filled to the brim.

Tallassee residents, however, made the best of flood conditions, turning the storm into a photo op near Thurlow Dam.

"We've never seen it like this.  It's probably the closest thing to a waterfall we'll see in Tallassee, so it's kind of neat to come out and see it," Megan Quelvog said.

"We've got some friends from Tallassee but they're up in Virginia right now, so we took a few pictures to send them, and he was pretty impressed.  He hadn't seen it like this in quite some time," explained Omen Quelvog.

Though the severe weather has passed, the main concern now is the water left behind by the storms.

It's now surging down waterways like the Tallapoosa and Alabama rivers.  Both rivers are forecasted to rise above flood stage by the end of the weekend.

Residents who have the luxury of moving their homes say they're watching the waters closely.

"I have to pull up the swings.  I've been moving all my tools and things that I'm afraid the river might get," said Danny Higgins of Wetumpka, who lives in an RV park.

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