Wiregrass Newsroom: Storm system shocks Dothan residents

Amy Peterson surveys the three feet of water in her backyard
Amy Peterson surveys the three feet of water in her backyard

Reporter: Melissa McKinney

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) -- Water, water, everywhere.  It was an unusual sight in Dothan.   As the rains kept coming with the three day storm system, so did the floods.

And for longtime resident Amy Peterson, it's a sight she's never seen before.

"In places it would be to my knees and it would be even higher.  It was like a river that was coming toward my back door."

Peterson's property looked like many others in Dothan--submerged and overflowing.

Emergency crews say the main threat from the storm system was the flooding, and as much as they tried to manage it, it's was tough to keep up with the amount of rain that fell.   Some residents in Dothan say they saw three or four feet of water just outside their front door.

"It's in the middle of a lake. But the water is still gushing so I don't know what to expect out of this," says Peterson.

But Peterson is staying in her home tonight; however, some, like Angel Crittenden, aren't so lucky.  Water damage forced she and others at an apartment complex to evacuate.

The American Red Cross set up a shelter at First United Methodist Church in Dothan for displaced residents to stay and wait out the rain--a place Angel appreciates.

"I'm happy we made it to somewhere safe," she says.

It's a shelter from a storm taking this city by surprise.