Wiregrass Newsroom: Houston county officials are trying to keep people off closed roads

Road closed signs are up on County Road 203 in Rehobeth due to undermined asphalt
Road closed signs are up on County Road 203 in Rehobeth due to undermined asphalt

Reporter: Melissa McKinney

REHOBETH, AL (WSFA) -- A few remnants still remain from Saturday's downpour.  Along with water and dirt, a new sight lines 29 streets in Houston county--road closed signs.  Flood damage is making these roads unsafe for driving--including County Road 203--a popular thoroughfare for Larry Breckenridge and others.

"It's a vital road to us folks that live down here. That road is very important to the people around here for traveling north and south, to work, of course to the beach," says Breckenridge.

But officials say there's good reason for the closures.

"We had a lot of rain in a short period of time.   It just undermined the base of the road," says Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver.

It's a deceiving situation. Roads affected by the flood waters look in tact on the surface, but underneath there's nothing there.

"Their car could theoretically fall into the ditch," says Culver.

That's why leaders are insisting residents take a detour.   But they're finding that people aren't abiding.

"We don't put these barricades up just to be causing problems.   We put them up because it's a safety situation," says Culver.

It's a situation authorities hope residents will understand.

For Breckenridge, an extra fifteen minutes in the car is something he doesn't mind.

"Just gotta live with it, make do...just keep a smile on your face and keep going," he says.

County officials hope to re-open roads within two weeks.