E.D. Nixon Teacher a Class Act

When you step in Tamika Tyson's classroom at E.D. Nixon Elementary School in Montgomery, you better buckle in and be ready to work.     She brings a lot of energy and she's this week's Class Act.      "It makes the communication better, if I'm enthused and energetic, then they want to learn,"  Tyson said.

She's been in the classroom for 6 years and she knows every student learns differently, so she does whatever she can to make it stick.    "They soak up information like little sponges. You give it to them the right way and they'll take it and run with it."

She's always bouncing around the classroom, looking over their shoulders to make sure they get it.    And she loves when her former students come back and tell her how much of a difference she made.   'It makes me feel like what I'm doing here is worth it."

Congratulations Ms. Tamika Tyson from E.D. Nixon Elementary School in Montgomery, you're this week's Class Act.