Scale Back Alabama nets huge loss for state

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Thanks to Scale Back Alabama nearly 40,000 people are a little healthier today. The total amount of weight loss in the state's annual weight-loss competition amounted to nearly 200,000 lbs!

Led by Coach Roger Shultz, a former University of Alabama football player and the 2008 runner up on the Biggest Loser Couples Show, the event resulted in 183,135 pounds lost statewide since the beginning of January.

The winning team in the competition is from Montgomery County. Members of Bad Boys will each take home $1,000. Every team that had each member lose at least 10 lbs. found its self in a drawing for the top prize.

"The goal of Scale Back Alabama is to encourage healthy lifestyles," said Dr. Donald Williamson, State Health Officer.  "Alabama's the third most obese state in the nation, and we simply cannot continue our old habits and expect to be healthy."

Shultz lost 164 lbs. during the 2008 NBC hit show "The Biggest Loser". "My main message throughout the contest was to 'eat less and move more.' I know; I've been there, and I realize how much better I feel now that I'm watching what I eat and exercising," he said. 

Scale Back Alabama is sponsored by the Alabama Hospital Association and the Alabama Department of Public Health. The contest starts at the beginning of each year and continues for 10 weeks.

"The focus of the contest is adults, particularly those in the workplace, but our hope is that their good habits will also spread to their families," said Donald J. Jones, FACHE, chairman of the Scale Back Alabama Task Force and CEO of Marion Regional Medical Center in Hamilton.  "With almost every county participating, we know the messages got out and many Alabamians will be healthier as a result."