Saving money or costing your kids?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Victoria Navarrete and her daughter, Lyanna, are already looking forward to the summer break, but how long that break lasts is still up in the air.

The reason for no exact date? The state legislature is considering a bill that would push back the start of school.

Navarete has mixed feelings about the bill. "It won't give them much time to get used to school before the Thanksgiving break; but it would get a longer summer," she said.

The date-shuffle debate started when state tourism groups asked Montgomery economist Dr. Keivan Deravi to perform a study on the effects of school start dates.  "The report identifies there is about a $300 million loss," he concluded. Deravi says his study shows that pushing the start date back would save the state in utility costs and add to tourism dollars.

However, Elmore County Superintendent Dr. Jeff Langham says a later start date would just cost the classroom.  "It shortens the window before testing begins, before high stakes testing begins," Langham told WSFA 12 News. Langham feels its an issue that should be decided at the local level.

A committee has already approved the bill. Next, the bill goes before the Alabama House of Representatives.  If it passes there, the earliest the school bell would ring would be August 15th.

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