Guest Editorial - New Superintendent

For years as a native of Montgomery I have seen School Superintendents come and go but they had all been natives of the State or area. For several years now we have "hired from outside" and had both positive and negative results with those employees. We need to stop the practice and look within our doors. It is possible to find, promote, and use the "under used" valuable resources and people we have.

I know MANY excellent Principals and teachers who would LOVE the chance to lead this school system. The reasons to hire one of our own are simple: no worries about them being hired away to go back home; knowledge of the teachers, facilities, students and parents and finally the money to start a National Search would not be necessary if we just looked at what is here. Let's make this a positive experience for everyone associated with this school system.

To the school board members - Let's try something different for a CHANGE and use what we have.

I'm Rose McCall