Conductive Keratoplasty

Dr. Swan performs the new CK procedure
Dr. Swan performs the new CK procedure

The new procedure for patients over 40 with mild to moderate farsightedness, CK (Conductive KeratoplastySM), is now available in the Montgomery area at Montgomery Eye Physicians (MEP).
Dr. John Swan, corneal and refractive surgeon at MEP, is among the first in the nation to offer CK, one of the only procedures designed expressly for farsightedness. It is also the first non-laser treatment for people with reading glasses who have good distance vision. Performed in the office with only topical anesthesia (eye drops), CK uses the controlled release of radiofrequency (RF) energy, instead of a laser, to reshape the cornea.

"We feel that this is a great alternative for people in their late forties and fifties with mild farsightedness or reading glasses who have had good distance vision all of their lives," Dr. Swan said.

"One of the most impressive things about CK is its safety profile; in the FDA and international studies, patients had little if any permanent side effects and the improvement in their vision remained stable at two to three years follow-up," he added, citing the U.S. clinical trials, in which 88 percent of patients rated their quality of vision following CK as moderate, marked, to extremely improved. Approximately 60 million Americans are farsighted, plagued with increasing difficulty reading menus and computer screens and seeing to drive at night, particularly after age 40. Some also experience eye fatigue at the end of the day or when reading in poor lighting, and feel the need to constantly reposition reading material to find the right focus.

Presently, Baby Boomers comprise the largest segment of the farsighted population, and many view the need for glasses as a sign of aging. Although nearly 2 million Americans underwent refractive surgery in the last year alone, consumer research indicates that very few people between the ages of 40 to 60 have considered vision treatment surgery, as they tend to be more conservative and risk adverse than their younger, nearsighted counterparts. Because CK is performed without the cutting or removal of tissue, it offers them a safe, minimally invasive alternative to correct their farsightedness, which occurs when the cornea is too flat or the eye is too short.

CK builds upon 20 years of research on using heat to change the shape of your eye and correct refractive error. The procedure is performed using a small probe, thinner than a strand of human hair, that releases radiofrequency (RF) energy. The probe is applied in a circular pattern on the outer cornea to shrink small areas of corneal tissue. This circular shrinkage pattern creates a constrictive band (like the tightening of a belt), increasing the overall curvature of the cornea. The use of RF energy is one of today's most advanced surgical techniques. In addition to its use in CK, RF technology is being used in prostate cancer therapy, back surgery, even cardiovascular procedures.
Founded more than a half-century ago, Montgomery Eye Physicians has consistently remained at the forefront of advanced eye care technology, offering the latest surgical expertise to provide the highest quality patient experience. Dr. Swan has over 13 years of refractive surgery experience, including radial and astigmatic keratotomy, PRK, LASIK and CK.

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