Mass grave update: Contractor list to remove medical waste

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Authorities are now saying at least some of the bones recovered after Tuesday's discovery downtown were disposed of as medical waste. The disposals happened sometime after 1977. Other remains are thought to be from a mass grave dug to bury victim's of a 19th century Yellow fever outbreak.

Construction workers found the bones and several skulls Tuesday while preparing a city lot for a building project.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management gave the city of Montgomery a list of contractors who can remove medical waste on Friday. The city will make a decision sometime next week on which vendor to use said Michael Briddell, spoken for the city.

Mayor Todd Strange is proposing that all the bones be collected and re-interred. "We want to be respectful, but at the end of the was a mass grave and to inter in another grave with today's methods it's the proper thing to do," Strange said.

At the moment the city is waiting for tests to be completed on some of the sets of bones to determine an exact age. Then, Briddell says, the Historical Commission will give the city a list of options on how to handle the bones.

The goal, Briddell says, is to move the bones inside of Oakwood Cemetery, which is right next to the city lot where the remains were found.

For now, the mayor has posted additional security at the site to protect the area.