Prattville church burglarized

PRATTVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) -- It's a crime that's puzzling for Safe Harbor Assembly of God's Senior Pastor Greg Melvin.

Thursday night, thieves ransacked his church.  Sort of.

"You don't understand things like this. Sometimes, when people are just trying to grab what they can, it's usually people on drugs, or needing a quick buck," Melvin said.

You'll find very little damage walking down the church's halls, but police say a late night heist resulted in $3,600 worth of stolen electronics and instruments.  Still, many more expensive items went untouched.

"We had 3 [game stations], and that's an old one over there, so evidently, they knew what they were getting because they left that one," Melvin explained.

Whoever stole the items stopped to have some fun.  Melvin says they shot a fire extinguisher in the gym, emptied a gumball machine, and drank communion juice.

They also scoped out the fridge.

"They had a snack.  You can see where they spilled a bunch of stuff in the refrigerator," Melvin said.

Even though many valuables were left behind--and there's very little physical damage done to the buildings--the bizarre circumstances surrounding this crime leaves church members feeling a bit uneasy.

"They knew where to go to the office--who's office belonged to whom.  It looked like they knew where they were going," explained Mark Cooper, the church's daycare administrator.

Still, Pastor Melvin says Safe Harbor will stay safe as police try to catch the culprits.

"You just pray for them, forgive them, and move on," Melvin said.

Sunday services will go on as planned.

Police have yet to announce any arrests in this case. Stay with WSFA 12 News for the latest developments.