Green thumbs prepare plants for late season cold snap

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The calendar says it's spring but the thermometer didn't get the memo.

Lots of us are doing some planting around the house but this late cold snap is a real threat to those plants.

With temperatures expecting to dip into the low 30's professional gardeners to amateur green thumbs are getting ready.

"I plan on watering everything in pots really well to prevent freezing," says Susan Samuels, a Montgomery resident.

Protecting plants from the freezing temperatures is key.

"Frost will do more damage than just the actual temperature, if we go below freezing it could damage some new growth," says David Funderburk, a plant expert.

Funderburk says cold sensitive plants and vegetables like tomato's, okra and squash need to be covered, and smaller items brought inside if possible.

"If you've got things like hanging baskets that you've just purchased and their just sitting on your porch just take it in the next couple nights," explains Funderburk.

Smaller plants in containers are more at risk, but experts says people have the items they need to protect them just laying around the house.

"If you just take a bucket and cover that entire plant you can protect for the night," adds Funderburk.

Experts say freeze damage on plants can sometimes be purely cosmetic and fixed within weeks.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis