Authorities on edge after recent shootings

Lieutenant Rodney Barrett, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Lieutenant Rodney Barrett, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- Lieutenant Rodney Barrett of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has a lot on his mind.

"It might be your day that somebody out of the blue just doesn't like law enforcement and wants to take a shot at you that day," he explained hesitantly.

Recent shootings in California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Alabama have authorities across the country on edge and on alert.

"What I tell my deputies is, 'If their mind's not in the game coming to work that day, call in sick,'" Barrett said.

In the past few weeks, nearly 10 officers were killed nationwide.  Some were just responding to everyday calls.

Locally, deputies use those cases to prepare for the job.

"We try to teach what to do--tactically with the cars.  The vehicle placement.  How to approach," Barrett explained.

Local law enforcement officers constantly have to train for a variety of calls.

The main goal--when it's all said and done--is to come home safely at the end of the day.

"What we do if we're in that situation [is we] always 'what if' it and play that 'what if' game on every situation," Barrett said.

It's a calculated risk as authorities protect and serve.

"You never know.  If you come to work and you don't have a tactical mind set to make it through that day and make your way back home to your family, then you're setting yourself up to lose," Barrett explained.