Opp H.S. Teacher a Class Act

She's new to the classroom and she's doing a great job.  Mrs. Tina Bradley from Opp is this week's Class Act.

Bradley started teaching this year.  She was a registered nurse for several years and filled in as school nurse at Opp High School several times last year.   Then the school offered her the chance to teach a new class called Health Careers, and she jumped at it.     "I just like the school atmosphere," Bradley said.   "I love the kids, I just like it here."

Mrs. Bradley says the main goal in this new class is to get her kids on the fast track to a good job in the health care industry.   "I look forward to seeing my students everyday, I want them to succeed and with this program I think they will."

Her career switch could help these kids find a future career and she loves every minute of it.  Congratulations to Mrs. Tina Bradley from Opp High School you're this week's Class Act.