Legislature abuzz at Little's DUI arrest

Sen. Vivian Figures cites her own son's prison sentence as proof that legislators are not perfect.
Sen. Vivian Figures cites her own son's prison sentence as proof that legislators are not perfect.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The buzz at the Alabama state house Tuesday centered around one man, the senate majority leader, and his weekend DUI arrest.

Zeb Little (D- Cullman) wasted no time trying to make amends with his colleagues and constituents. Little was back at work in the state legislature looking the same as he did last week before the accident. During a morning committee meeting he talked only about the bills on the agenda and nothing else.

There was no mention of the four misdemeanor charges he's now facing: Driving under the influence, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, violation of the open container law and driving with an expired license.

Those in both parties seemed sympathetic to his problems. They say he went to each senator, individually, and apologized for what he did and for any embarrassment he might have caused those who work in the upper chamber.

"In a way it's sort of unfair to us as elected officials in that we are somehow looked at that we are suppose to be perfect, that we have perfect families, perfect lives, perfect children and we don't," said Senator Vivian Figures (D- Mobile). "As you know, I have a son who is serving time in prison, right now for drug charges," she added, "but that's life and I acknowledge that and I'm praying for my son. I love him and I'm going to pray him through that, and I think we need to do the same for Senator Little."

On the other side of the political isle - "I don't think there is necessarily any political advantage that ought to be sought or gained by the opposition party," said Senator Steve French (R - Mountain Brook). "I wouldn't be a party to that. This is a sad even that's happened. Fortunately nobody was hurt."

One senator, Hank Erwin (R - Alabaster) said he does think the Democratic caucus should discipline Little in some way just to show others that they can't get away with that type of behavior.

As for Senator Little himself, he had no comment to make as the legislature came back into session because he said his weekend statement said it all. In that statement he said he had made a mistake and was sorry about it and was going to take the necessary steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.