Montgomery City Council Meeting: Fairview Avenue Study, Jinright honored and concerned citizens

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange attended his first city council meeting Tuesday since taking office two weeks ago.  During the meeting he updated the council on work being done to improve Fairview Avenue in west Montgomery.  In fact, a team of people from around the country is in town this week exploring ways to revitalize Fairview around Interstate 65 to Court Street.  A separate design firm is working to enhance the look of the major East West through fare.  Possibly moving utility lines, widening the sidewalk and adding shrubbery.

Mayor Strange congratulated his Chief of Staff Jeff Downes on 20 years of service to the city.

Strange also announced Montgomery Zoo Weekend attracted 12,000 visitors and raised $68,000 for the facility.

Also at Tuesday's city council meeting, Police Chief Art Baylro recognized Charles Jinright for the time he spent as interim mayor before Strange was elected.  Baylor presented Jinright with a police badge inscribed with the words "thank you."

Not everyone was in a festive mood at the council meeting.  Several people wore tee-shirts with "Stop the Road Block Movement" on them.  They complained local police are conducting too many road blocks, especially on the West side.  Officers use them to check for driver's licenses and proof of insurance.  Protestors called them a nuisance.  An MPD Spokesman tells WSFA 12 News the road blocks happen all over the city, not just on the West side.  The spokesman says road blocks are set up after residents contact them with safety concerns. Police say, for the most part, they've gotten a positive response from the roadblocks.