Crochet graffiti hits Denver

A group of women is putting new graffiti on the Denver streets.

They call themselves the Ladies Fancywork Society.

Instead of using paint to mark their turf, they use yarn and crochet needles.

The women are young professionals in their 20s.

They spend time together crocheting doilies and cozies.

"We are trying to add our own branch of feminine street art to Denver," one of the women said.

Once finished, the three women can be seen walking along South Santa Fe Drive putting their crocheted works on just about... anything.

They put them on benches, trees, banisters, beams, poles, you name it, they can tie one of their crocheted works to it.

"Technically it is street art," one of the women said.

They have crocheted masks on their faces to hide their identities.

"We aren't huge public figures. It's not like you are going to find out that it is John Hickenlooper or something," one said.

"Want it to be more about the art than about who we are and it's kind of fun that way."

"A lot of what you see out there is graffiti and has an edge to it and hardness and ours has a softness to it and a different style to it."

It could be called rebellion wrapped in a cozie.

"It is sort of this fun dichotomy because you have kind of this elderly grandma homey craft and then we are putting it in these gritty places in alleys and on street lights."

"We like going around and having people wonder who put it up."

"I can't imagine my actual grandmother going out and putting this stuff up."

While they may call it classy, girly and pretty, the police may call it tagging, littering or trespassing.

"It's street art. We are adding a little peace. We are putting little skirts on the world."

"I think it would be awesome to get arrested for putting something pretty out there. If I ever had to make a phone call from jail for crocheting I would be so proud."

But can something so, as the women say, "cute" be criminal?

"That is a good question. Technically I think that it is not legal, could be. I don't think any cop is going to come up to us and put the handcuffs on us."

"Honestly, if I didn't do this I would just have crochet items all over my house."

"Don't try to figure out who I am, they will never find me!"