Wiregrass Newsroom: Last chance for FEMA assistance

Reporter: Melissa McKinney

GENEVA, AL (WSFA) -- If your house suffered storm damage from the heavy downpour that unleashed on much of the Wiregrass,  you need to make sure you're on the list--the list for FEMA to look at your property.

Last week FEMA officials tabulated damage estimates for destruction to roads, bridges and public buildings. The estimates ranged from hundreds of thousands in damage to more than $10 million in Geneva county alone.

But FEMA officials have yet to see the other side of the storm--your house.   That's why Wiregrass leaders and EMA directors are urging residents to report their damage.

"We're just asking everybody to please call in.   Let us know what kind of damage you have as far as individual assistance so that, they'll know where the damage is," says Geneva county EMA director, Margaret Mixon.

If you haven't reported your property damage to your county EMA director, you need to do so quickly.   Directors say the deadline is fast approaching.

"FEMA will hopefully be here Tuesday," says Mixon.

Dothan city leaders are also asking all residents to take action, but not just by calling in.

"If people have damage, they need to document that damage and start cleaning up.   Because, it won't take long for mold and mildew and things to happen," says Dothan City Manager, Mike West.

Leaders say  the process could take a while, but if you don't call in, you could lose out on assistance.

To see a list of Wiregrass county EMA offices, visit the Write-It-Down section of www.wsfa.com.