Editorial: Let Us Know

The Sweet Home Alabama Coalition wants to let us vote.

What exactly will we vote for?

If a current bill to expand and regulate electronic gambling in the state house is passed, it won't be a vote yes or no for it, but a yes only in pre-determined places.

We  don't really know who is funding the lobbying campaign for this bill so it will be hard to determine whose interests are represented.

That group has run ads accusing the governor of being against the bill because he was elected in part by funds from Mississippi Indian interests who don't want competition here.

That is hard to prove since campaign donations are routinely passed from one political action committee to another, making them  impossible to trace completely.

The loser here is the voter.

We are subject to ads with claims and charges that may or may not be credible.

Ad standards should include factual reporting and full substantiation.

Lobbyist donations should be transparent.

Neither is the case now.

Both should be before we consider this issue.