Close Calls For Two Families In Macon County

Posted by: Bryan Henry - bio | email

MACON CO., AL (WSFA) - Two families consider themselves fortunate after surviving a tornado touchdown in the middle of Friday night's storms.

On Highway 29 North in the Little Texas community of Macon County, a 50-foot pine tree barely missed Charlie Felton's home of 45 years.

"I have a lot to clean up," said Felton as he surveyed his backyard.

Felton was at home but sound asleep during Friday night's tornado, yet the twister spoke volumes by ripping apart Felton's shed and partially damaging his daughter's home 20 yards away.

"I'm calm as long as the Lord is on my side," said Charlie Mae Felton.

Next door neighbor Teresa DuBose shudders at the thought of what could have happened.

"I had just left," said DuBose.

To protect the windows in her home DuBose put up metal sheetsm, but they didn't do any good because the storm destroyed her mobile home.

"The roof was stuck in the tree here and I got someone to move it over there," said DuBose.

There were no injuries in the storm, nothing but survivors including our 4-legged friends. Close calls for two families, two neighbors on Highway 29 North.

"You gotta trust in God," said Felton.

In all 13 homes were either damaged or destroyed in the twister, far below the number needed for federal assistance.

In neighboring Bullock County, the county EMA office says a dozen or so roads were either damaged or washed out but most of them are passable right now.