Slocomb cleaning up from severe weather

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Slocomb, Ala. (WSFA) - Many of us woke up to the roar of the strong winds and heavy rain as spring storms ripped through the state.

The storms left behind damage in several counties.  For people in Slocomb It was a rocky morning.

A trail of damage stretches through the city, trees and power lines were laying across roads and in yards.

"Strong winds lots of rain, and we got limbs down in the area and I think the church lost a tree," says Courtney Parrish, who lives on Court Street.

"Lot of rain, and what little damage I had was a broken window on the back of the house," says Jerome Chancey, a Slocomb resident.

Electricity was out for two hours; however crews from Alabama power were quickly working to restore it.

"It's back on now, but it was off and on all morning long," explained Chancey.

EMA officials are now surveying the damage.  Officials also reported structural damage near county roads 4 and 9 near Slocomb.