Loachapoka Teacher a Class Act

Things are always cookin' in Ms. Annie Preyear's class at Loachapoka High School in Lee county.   She's this week's Class Act.    She teaches food dynamics and she's been at Loachapoka High for 14 years.   "When I first came here I couldn't pronounce it, never heard of it, now you can't get me away," Preyear said.

A parent nominated her for the Class Act award.    She said Ms. Preyear gets these kids ready for the real world once they leave high school.     Ms. Preyear hopes they all learn more  about food safety and nutrition.    "A lot of people just go eat at fast food, if they don't know anything about nutrition they'll just eat on the go."

She's the perfect ingredient to make sure these students come out just right.   Congratulations Ms. Annie Preyear from Loachapoka High School you're this week's Class Act.