Local group teaches kids to cook healthy

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- "Cool kids cook." That's the message behind a faith-based group that teaches children how to make healthy meals.

At the Farmer's Market Wednesday, the kids enjoyed a cooking demonstration on how to prepare simple, but good for you food. On the menu, grilled chicken and steak with vegetable kabobs.

The Farmers Market teamed up with the state Agriculture Department for the event.  "They come to the farmer's market, they can buy their fresh produce, they can buy all the ingredients they need to make these fresh healthy dishes and it supports our local farmers," said Lauren Cole with state Agriculture Department.

"If we can get them off the couch and in the kitchen, or exercise, it's a culmination of both things, not just exercising, but life-style changes," added Jeff Nursey, Executive Director of Cool Kids Cook.

The Cool Kids Cook program meets weekly on Saturday mornings at the state Farmer's Market.

To sign up,  Call 220-3651.