Editorial: Helping Hand

New allocation checks sent this month to nearly 50 area service organizations supported, in part by the United Way, are less than last month and will be for the next year.

As generous as our area was supporting the most recent United Way Drive, the total raised was several hundred thousand less than previous years.

There simply are not as many people employed in area businesses as in previous drives so contributions were down.

The needs of these organizations are also greater than before.

Montgomery Area Council on Aging alone has 400 people on the waiting list for meals for their Meals on Wheels program.  This program serves seniors who could not remain in their homes without this support and volunteers delivered more than 86,000 meals last year.

We're entering the busy season now for charitable events.

Volunteer  to help if you can.

Contribute what you can.

Consider redirecting a mission trip to funnel assistance in our region.

Positive developments throughout our region offer plenty of optimism about future growth here but a helping hand now to get many of us through temporary challenges is most welcome!