Wiregrass Newsroom: 33rd Annual Special Olympics brings hundreds to Dothan High School

Reporter: Melissa McKinney

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA)  -- Watch out for the wheels!

Scottie MacDonald likes competing against his longtime friend, and now Olympic rival, Will.

"His wheelchair just wasn't as powerful as mine," says MacDonald.

But Will doesn't take it too hard. Most Special Olympians don't either.   For these guys and others, this is more about having fun in the sun.

"I'm loving it.   I love the weather.   I love the kids around me," says athlete, Joyce Adams.

Event coordinators say 230 athletes competed in 15 events like softball throws, wheelchair races and distance runs.  The crowd favorite?

"The 50m and 100m dashes.   The participants like to run," says Angie Lowe, with Dothan Leisure Services.

It's something Liz Bronold can't get enough of even after 20 years of competition.

"When you run, you just run with all your might.   I just think of Rocky when he goes out to box.  I just go out there and see what I can do."

With two first place ribbons under her belt, that approach must be working.

But back at the wheelchair race, Scottie has a few final words for his pal.

"Nice try, better luck."

It's the end of a friendly competition in a more than friendly setting.