Gov. Riley reacts to court decision

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- A win for the governor's gambling task force. The state Supreme Court issued at a "stay" in the White Hall case Friday.

That means for now the governor's task force will keep the seized machines and cash taken in the raid at the gaming center in White Hall.

Former Supreme Court Justice Mark Kennedy had ordered it all must returned. The task force appealed Kennedy's order and Friday the result is the "stay."

The governor responded to the ruling live on WSFA 12 News at Six, "I think what the judges said today(Friday) is we aren't going to take the evidence away. We've seized these, and seized them legally. This would be kind of like someone going into a drug bust and saying you can go ahead and take your cocaine back, but don't do it again," said Governor Bob Riley.

The emergency stay also means the governor's task force can raid White Hall again if it wants.

The attorney for the entertainment center said the ruling is not giving his clients the protections they need.

White Hall's attorney Collins Pettaway released a statement saying in part:  "I really hope the governor's task force will have some sensibilities and not harass us for the sake of harassing."

The stay will give the court more time to consider the arguments on both sides.