Stimulus let down in Troy

Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford says his streets sure could use a fresh coat of asphalt.

"We got a $1.8 million dollar project, a real need here in the community," said Mayor Lunsford.

So much of a need that he was looking forward to getting around that much from the stimulus package. It turns out he won't.

"We were told by the League of Municipalities and DOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) said to get 'shovel-ready' and so we did. We hired an engineer," said Lunsford.

The League of Municipalities and DOT tell WSFA 12 News they never told the mayor he was actually getting any money. In fact, DOT says who gets what and how much is determined by a formula set by the federal government years ago and that's apparently what happened.

"Then when the money flows in it was to be distributed on some formula and that formula gave money to the state and to cities 200,000 and above. We find cities our size, not located in the metro organization, we just fell through the cracks," said Mayor Lunsford.

Montgomery on the other hand is expected to get some stimulus money.

"About $6.8 million will be shared between Elmore, Autauga and Montgomery, said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

Not all is lost though for Troy. The city will receive $160,000 as part of the mass transit package of the stimulus bill.

"We don't need new buses but we're looking at buying the building we're renting right now that houses that operation," said Lunsford.

The mayor says he is not angry and has no interest in getting in the blame game. Troy has about $500,000 in reserves for road projects but it's not enough to make it cost-effective.

For now it's a tale of two cities. Montgomery gets a little dough, Troy does not..  at least for right now.

"I learned to always be prepared and don't expect too much until you have the money in hand," said Mayor Lunsford.

As for that engineer, he still has to be paid and the city is stuck with the bill, a bill that could reach $15,000 although Mayor Lunsford says the bill hasn't come in yet.