FEMA finishes damage assessments in the Wiregrass.

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) - Clean up continues in the wiregrass after last month's torrential rainfall.

Dozens of roads were damaged with many still closed Monday, weeks after the flooding.

However FEMA has finished their assessments and soon federal aid will flow into southeast Alabama.

It's been an adjustment for those living and working along closed roads in the wiregrass.

"It's just been a very difficult couple of weeks," says Shirley Hicks, who delivers mail along closed roads.

"Just keep a smile on your face and keep going," who lives on one of the closed roads.

With FEMA having completed their assessments in the wiregrass, crews will continue working to repair damaged roads and structures as the recovery assistance program moves to the next step.

"Estimates being in the $3 million to $5 million range, so it's a significant loss and we believe it will be declared and we hope it's declared for the individual assistance as well," says Mark Culver, Chairman of the Houston County Commission.

Elsewhere, Covington County is expecting $3 million aid, Dale County $1.1 million, Henry County $400,000 and around $500,000 in Coffee County.

Officials say it will be anywhere from a week to 30 days before they start seeing money from FEMA.

"Of course if we're declared they'll provide some of the money up front but most will be reimbursed as projects are complete," explained Culver.

As well, officials say it could take months before all road work is complete.

Geneva County was the one of hardest hit areas their expecting to receive around $10 million in aid.