Forest Avenue Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Ms. Reba Summers.   She's a kindergarten teacher at Forest Avenue Magnet School in Montgomery.   She's been in the Montgomery County school system for 21 years and at Forest Avenue for the last 9 years.     "I just love Forest Avenue,"  Summers said.

She takes special pride in getting her kids ready for the next grade level.     "These kids are 5 year olds doing a first grade curriculum, its so wonderful to see them eager and ready to learn."

The person who nominated her for the award says Ms. Summers pushes her kids to be their best when it comes to their education and behavior.    She describes her teaching style as " hands on, let them touch it and feel it and go from there."

Congratulations Ms. Reba Summers from Forest Avenue Magnet school you're this week's Class Act.