Hyundai recalls 500,000 vehicles

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Nearly 500,000 Hyundai vehicles are being recalled due to faulty brake lamp systems according to company spokesman Robert Burns.

The cars, some of which were made at the company's Montgomery plant, include the 2006-07 Sonatas and 2007 Santa Fe SUVs.

The recall also covers 2005-07 Tucson trucks, 2006-07 Accents, 2007-08 Veracruz crossovers and each of the 2007 model Azeras, Elantras and Entourages.

The recall is being prompted because these vehicles' brake lights may fail to activate when the brakes are applied or continue to operate after the brakes are released.

The malfunction may even affect the vehicles' electronic stability control and cruise control systems.

If you have one of the effected Hyundai models you can have the system replaced without charge at your dealership.

You can also call the Hyundai assistance line at 1-800-633-5151 for more information.