Police present checkpoint report to city council

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) --  Front and center!

The controversial issue of police checkpoints was addressed Tuesday at the city council.

Some say they are illegal and unfair, so police cleared the air with a detailed report and the mayor is getting more involved.

For weeks some frustrated citizens have been vocal about police checkpoints in Montgomery.

They've accused the police of targeting the west side of town.

"They're picking on the poor parts of town," said one angry resident.

However, police maintain that's not the case.  In a report to the city council they say only 99 checkpoints have occurred on the Westside compared to 126 on the north side and 139 in the south precinct which includes east Montgomery.

"As you can see the checkpoints are not exclusive to one part of town," says Major Huey Thornton, of the Montgomery Police Department.

Despite the report some citizens maintain the checkpoints are unfair.

"All of y'all face to face that's not right, nobody said nothing, like all just paying me no attention," said one community activist.

After seeing person after person explain their concerns the mayor stood up and went to bat for the police department.

"What would you have us do let crime go unchecked, let uninsured motorists roam the street what would you have us do," expressed Mayor Strange.

"I'll appoint him to a five person committee, but at the end of the day were going to do what's legal," added the mayor.

The man the mayor appointed is talk radio host Kevin Elkins.

"In America we govern from the bottom up and I think what Mayor Strange is doing speaks volumes, wanting the public's input with this problem," says Elkins.

Elkins say he's going to pick five unbiased people for this committee.

Then they're going to go over the policies of checkpoints and present the mayor and council with ideas to reduce the frustration of checkpoints city wide.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis