No scar liposuction

To lose inches from their waistlines, a lot of people turn to liposuction.

But some people aren't so hot on the idea of "going under" to shed the pounds.

There may be a solution: a new liposuction done while you're awake that doesn't leave scars.

"My patients are about two days and they are back to work.  Two days and they are back to the gym," said Dr. Iacob Marcovici, a surgeon.

What makes this liposuction so unique is the anesthesia used.

It's a special cocktail that allows for this.

This is regarded as a lunch break cosmetics procedure because of its speed.

"We're getting under the skin with small holes like the tip of a pen and through these holes we're using needles," said Marcovici.

The needles replace the scalpel and the end result is no scarring.

That's a big sell for "Mary", a patient.

She had a tummy tuck the traditional way in an operating room and the result wasn't pretty.

After that, she nearly swore off cosmetic procedures altogether, but then she heard about this no scar, no pain liposuction.

"I was just laying there I felt no pain, no discomfort.  I felt very comfortable. After two or three days I was just fine," said Mary.

This time around, Mary's having fat removed from stomach and back.

The doctor says it's that simple.

You can have a new look in little time with no pain.