Editorial: Cut Food Tax

We all want the state sales tax on groceries removed, including both Democratic and Republican legislators.

To do so requires a constitutional amendment voted on by us.

It's time we get the chance to make that vote.

We haven't yet because legislators are at odds on how to replace that revenue.

Some would recommend the government simply spend  less.

That will happen soon enough when the stimulus money runs out.

A replacement tax is needed.

It could be a higher tax on tobacco or alcohol.

It could be a compromise on eliminating the federal tax deduction on state taxes.

Instead of cutting it completely, maybe cutting it in half will help get enough votes from legislators to get this done.

If that doesn't provide enough money to offset the food  tax revenue lost, maybe we cut the food tax in half for now and seek to eliminate it totally next year.

Surely, legislators can reach a compromise to give us a chance to vote on this important issue.