School leader has unusual employee program

Butler Co. School Superintendent Mike Looney
Butler Co. School Superintendent Mike Looney

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GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Our story begins with J.C. Albritton, a Butler County school employee who found himself short of $25. Unable to pay his light bill Albritton ended up going to his boss for help.

"It was one of those things," said Albritton.

Superintendent Mike Looney gave Albritton the 25 bucks and it's stories like J.C.'s that got Looney thinking. One thing led to another and today Looney unveiled the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

In a nutshell the EAP is set up as sort of a clearinghouse for school employees and their families, kind of an advocacy group and many of the folks who showed up Thursday at Greenville High School were people representing a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from Alabama Power to banking.

"If a teacher gets laid off one of the questions she would have would be what happens to my insurance. We have Cobra folks here to answer those questions," said Looney.

If LaTonya Bedgood has a question about buying a home, it's no longer a hit and miss search. The EAP should open the door for her for those possibilities.

"This will really help me, " said Bedgood.

Mike Looney says as far as he knows, he is the only public school superintendent in the state who is doing this.

We go back to J.C. Albritton. He says there may be a next time when he's $25 short but this time he'll have the new Employee Assistance Program to lean on.

"This is a Godsend," said Albritton.

The Butler County school district has around 437 employees.