Pizzazz - Does It Work 11/26/02

It's usually a quick and easy dinner for families... just pop a pizza in the oven and that's it. But does it always come out that way you like? If not you may want to try out a product that will make pizza lovers happy. Our does it work guy Daivd Hagood put the Pizzazz to the test. It's made by Presto and it's called Pizzazz, a sure favorite for all who like frozen pizza. It's claim...that it can cook pizza better... and faster. But does it work? Before we begin there are two things that you need to know about the Pizzazz. One, it's easy to assemble and number 2, it requires no pre heating, you just plug it in and start cooking. Which means you can feed a hungry house in just minutes. Once you have your frozen pizza you remove it from the cardboard tray. Then place it on the baking pan and place the baking pan on the Pizzazz. Once the pans in place then you follow your cooking chart that's in your instructions or on the back of the Pizzazz and since this is a regular crust frozen pizza, you'll slide the control to dual, and set it for about thirteen minutes. After the pizza is positioned on the Pizzazz it starts to turn, cooking the pizza evenly, and when you hear the ding, that means it's ready. Now once the pizza is done and the timer goes off just simply lift it off the pizzazz making sure that you don't touch the surface and as you can see the pizza is done on the bottom and the top. But what about cooking a pizza that's different. The Pizzazz did a pretty good job on the regular crust pizza but what about a Di Gornio? One with rising crust? You have to do things a little different. Still you slide the pizza on the Pizzazz just like normal but you do something a little different with the settings, you first cook it with just the lower setting selected for 10 to 12 mins. Allowing the thick crust to cook longer than your pepperoni. Once the timer goes off... That means that you're about half way finished with the DiGornio rising crust pizza. And you slide the controls over to duel, so that it will cook the bottom and the top, and reset the timer for about 12 mins and that's it. When the timer goes off again take the pizza off the Pizzazz and you can see that the crust is done just right and the top looks good as well. After cooking a couple of pizzas on the Pizzazz, the clean up is simple. All you do is take the pan, wash it in soapy water and that's it. It

only downfall about the pizza cooker is the price. At 49.00 plus tax, it is a little pricey. But David and the WSFA newsroom all agree that the Pizzazz cooks a pizza much better than your average oven.